SecurityNerd: The Best Home Safes

SecurityNerd: The Best Home Safes

Chances are you have valuable items in your home you want to keep safe from fires, floods, burglaries or other unexpected events. Whether it’s an irreplaceable family heirloom or important personal documents, home safes are the ideal way to keep items safe yet accessible.

But one size does not fit all when it comes to the best home safes. There are a few variables to consider before purchasing a safe, including size, lock style and portability. We’ve put together our list of the best safes on the market today. Depending on your specific needs, you should be able to find the right one for you.

Our Picks for the 10 Best Home Safes

1. The MSAFE PSB 220 Safe

Our pick for: Best for Apartments

SecurityNerd considers this the best safe for apartment dwellers because of its compact size and superior construction.

The MSAFE PSB line is primarily meant to offer burglary protection, but it does have a 20 minute fireproof rating as well. (If fire protection is a large concern, the PFB line would be a better choice.)

The PSB 220 is small, but offers plenty of space for jewelry, cash, passports, etc. Unless you're looking to store documents, this compact size will get the job done.