SecurityNerd: The Best Home Safes

SecurityNerd considers this the best safe for apartment dwellers because of its compact size and superior construction. The MSAFE PSB line is primarily meant to offer burglary protection, but it does have a 20 minute fireproof rating as well. 

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SecurityNerd: MSAFE PSB Safe Line Review

Looking to secure documents, jewelry, cash, or other items in your home? The MSAFE PSB line is a smart choice.
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SecurityNerd: How to Shop for a Home Safe?

Every year, millions of Americans are the victims of home burglaries and fires. Criminals find a way in or houses go up in flames along with valuables, priceless family heirlooms and important documents. To help protect their possessions, many people purchase a home safe, which is great… if they choose the right safe.
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What should I store in my safe?

When we think of a safe, we think of something to hold expensive jewelry and other costly items. While it is true safes are used for that there are also many other items that should be stored in a safe for a variety of reasons.
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Does My Home Insurance Cover All My Valuables?

It is really important to understand your homeowner’s policy when it comes to personal items. Most people including myself think that as part of their homeowner’s policy all of the items in the house are fully covered by that policy. 
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MSAFE PSB Home Burglary Safe

Our most affordable line of burglary safes offer exceptional value for the level of security they provide.
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