SecurityNerd: MSAFE PSB Safe Line Review

SecurityNerd: MSAFE PSB Safe Line Review

Looking to secure documents, jewelry, cash, or other items in your home? The MSAFE PSB line is a smart choice.

You may recognize MSAFE from our top picks for the best home safes. In the review, we selected one of the PSB lines as the best safe for apartment dwellers. We'll expand on why in this full review.

We'll look into the PSB line of safes, meant specifically for home burglary protection. They also have a line of fireproof safes, but that's for another day.

In our hands on review with the PSB 220 (the smallest size in this line), we were seriously impressed with the construction quality. While it's not specifically advertised as a fireproof safe, it does offer 20 minutes of fire protection on top of its main focus of keeping prying hands off your valuable items.

As we used the safe, the lock in particular stood out as being very secure and well made. You can really feel the difference when you lock and unlock the PSB vs the other brands we've tested. The reassuring click as all the various bolts slide into place leave you feeling as though your items are truly secure.