Our Story


Our team cares about our customers and keeping their valuables secure. That's why we were not concerned with finding the cheapest manufacturer or saving money in materials or in cutting corners. We wanted to design safes that surpass performance standards, ensuring the best in quality, durability, and long-term reliability.


Our safes are assembled in a certified ISO 9001 factory to ensure consistent quality control. The manufacturing facilities are equipped with the most advanced metal processing equipment available. The bodies of our safes consist of specialty steel, fire-resistant concrete, and armored plating. All locks installed on our security safes are designed and constructed to provide years of trouble-free use.


Just because we have higher security standards doesn’t mean we had to sacrifice on price. We sell our premium safes at a price that’s accessible to anyone who needs extra security in their home or business. By selling directly to our customers we pass on the savings to each customer we serve!