What Should I Store In My Safe?

When we think of a safe, we think of something to hold expensive jewelry and other costly items. While it is true safes are used for that there are also many other items that should be stored in a safe for a variety of reasons. So let’s think about it? When deciding what type and size of safe to buy the first thing we need to do is figure out what we want to put into it. To determine what we want to put in it we should consider the following factors. What do I have that is of value that I wouldn’t want to be stolen or destroyed in a fire. I suggest getting a cardboard box and placing those items inside the box; this will help you once you determine what those items are what size safe you might need. Some examples of items are Jewelry, heirlooms, cash, guns & cameras. Those are some of the most common items. Some other items that may be less common are things like family photos documents or copies of documents like passports, bank records, credit cards, stamp or coin collections. Maybe even items like baby books from children, or other memorabilia books, perhaps you have a lock of hair from your child’s first haircut that you want to protect from a fire? So as mentioned previously there are many uses for a safe and what is put in the safe is not just determined by the value of the item, but it is also determined by the value of the item to you. If you have something that can’t be replaced and is of no value to anyone else but if it got destroyed in a fire would be a great loss to you then you should put it in a safe.

So in conclusion when picking out a safe that is right for you, gather up all of your items you want to secure in the safe then find a cardboard box that all those items will fit into without looking cluttered. Then find a safe that is about the same size internally as the box. Also, it is a good idea to buy one a little bigger than what you need just in case you think of other things to put into it later, or in the event that you buy other items that you would need to put into it in the future. To find out how much burglary or fire protection safes offer or to help you determine how much of each you will need please read our blog on “Safe Ratings” on our website www.msafes.com .