All products sold by Msafes.com that have the MSAFE  brand have a 2-year warranty to be free from manufacturer defects.

If a warranty claim is needed within the 2-year term we will repair or replace your safe free of charge including all parts and labor required.

If needed we will send out a certified technician to inspect the safe and advise as to if it will be repaired or replaced at our cost.

If the product is outside the 2-year warranty term, the issue will be determined on a case by case basis as to if it will be repaired or replaced by us and at what cost if any to you.

All products purchased from Msafes.com also carry a free replacement guarantee. If it is ever subjected to a burglary attempt or in a fire and is damaged or destroyed causing it to be inoperable, we will ship out a brand new safe identical to or of equal value as the safe you originally purchased free of charge. All we require is your original invoice or proof of purchase and documentation from your local Police, Fire or Insurance department to be submitted with the claim verifying the claim.

*This guarantee does not cover the cost of gaining access into your safe or any of the contents that were stored in the safe.