Heavy Duty Burglary & Fire Safe - MSafe™ PFB1 32


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Heavy Duty Burglary & Fire Safe


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Exterior Dimensions:
13-3/8" H x 17-3/8" W x 16-7/8" D
Interior Dimensions:
7-1/8" H x 11-1/2" W x 10-5/8" D
Weight: 168 lbs.

1 hour fire, great burglary protection

This series expands upon the strength of the PFB model. Additional thicker layers of steel and fire-resistant concrete prevent forced entry from multiple types of tools. Features triple layers of steel walls consisting of fire-resistant concrete and a layer of fire insulation plus a steel security grid. Equipped with a user-friendly, European high-security electronic lock. Best choice for small businesses and homeowners with moderate value collections. It provides one hour of certified fire protection. 

    • Modern design equipped with an L-shaped handle and an electronic, high-security ECBS Class B lock
    • Designed to protect contents against fire and burglary
    • 60 minutes of fire resistance- LFS60P in accordance with European standard EN 15659
    • Built with inner and outer steel walls filled with fire-resistant concrete
    • Manufactured to Burglary resistance – EN 1143-1, Grade I. resistance rating in accordance with European standard EN 14450
    • The integrated relocking system blocks bolt work from retracting against attempted burglary attack
    • Hardened steel plate protects each locking bolt and locking mechanism against drill and tool attacks
    • Steel security grid welded between inner and outer steel walls for additional burglary resistance
    • Recessed anchor bolt hole provided to securely anchor safe
    • Neutral graphite gray color scheme

Burglary Protection: Great Burglary Protection
Fire Protection: 1 Hour Fire Protection
Exterior Dimensions: 13-3/8" H x 17-3/8" W x 16-7/8" D
Interior Dimensions: 7-1/8" H x 11-1/2" W x 10-5/8" D
Interior Cubic Inches: 960 Cu. In.
Interior Cubic Feet: 0.56 Cu. Ft
Weight: 168 lbs.

Customer Reviews

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Solid value - responsive company

I researched safes in the "small" category for close to a month and this one packed some good value. My criteria was a bit unique in that I didn't want a safe that was too heavy, and wanted good fire and burglary resistance. I'm happy with my purchase and overall experience with the company. They seem like straight shoot'n folks.

I rarely rate anything at the top as there's always room for improvement. For this purchase there was a misprint in the electronic lock operations manual preventing operation of some features. The company was quick to respond and address the issue.

Function testing the safe I noted one of the locking lugs would not spin freely when extended out (locked). This is to defend against saw attacks. In fairness I addressed this issue myself outside of the company. I found the hole for the lug was a bit out of alignment causing the lug to bind when extended. Filing the hole 100% corrected the issue. The machine screws used to affix internal covers and plates could be more substantial... one phillips head was stripped from the factory and care had to be taken not to strip more.

Lastly, I think it may be beneficial to some to know the door is removable. I'll update if there are new developments.

As advertised, but minor cosmetic, delivery and packaging issues

The safe was delivered as advertised. There were a few surprises, however:

At delivery it was tied down to a pallet using plastic ties, but it seems that it had experienced some G-force as the pallet was partially destroyed due to the weight of the safe.

The cardboard box was more of a cover than a box; I'm not sure how it shipped out, but there was no bottom and the box lifted off the top of the safe on arrival. As a result there was a fairly significant amount of dirt on the safe which I simply wiped off with a wet cloth.

The upper left corner of the safe itself (as viewed from the front) had some minor paint damage on arrival. However, this appears to be more cosmetic than anything else. I'm not sure whether this happened prior to or during shipment.

The manuals were photocopied versions with the edges cut off, leaving out important information. I was able to find similar documentation using the lock model numbers using Google and got off the ground using that.

Aside from the noted issues the safe was delivered and functions as advertised. It fits standard 8.5x11 documents flat on the bottom or internal shelf. I like the weight, the locking design, and the fact that it comes with a floor mounting screw. This is really what matters, but I can't overlook the delivery and documentation issues so I'll take off one star.